Company Background

Launched in the year 1955, Panduit keeps on inventing unique products that offer organized wiring of control panel. In case you wish to apply new wires, this system allows quick, easy and neat wiring process. This company has successfully launched several solutions to products that have hit a new innovation.

Panduit customers vouch for the honest products that the company offers them every time. This company is always eager to address most critical and challenging business situations related to data center. The technology available with this company has allowed it to unify several processes and achieve operational goals.

Relationship with PDC

When you are looking for electrical products, you cannot miss out buying from Pacific Datacom. This company is extremely specific of being linked with reputed electrical products manufacturer. Panduit International is therefore related with PDC. You can book any products of your choice of this brand from PDC store. Simply track the nearest store and visit it.

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Panduit Products

Innovation and quality driven are the two words that are synonymous with Panduit International. This company offers brilliant range of products like:

  • Abrasion Protection & Heat Shrink: Braided Expandable Sleeving, Corrugated Loom Tubing Fittings, Braided Sleeving Cutter/Sealer Tool, Curved Edge (Slotted) Grommet Edging etc.
  • Cable Ties & Accessories: 4-Way Cable Tie Mounts, 4-Way Mounts without Adhesive, Tie Anchor Mounts – Screw Applied, A1C Type Clips.
  • Enclosures: Cat 6 Jack to Plug Zone Cords, Cat 6 Plug to Plug Zone Cords, Consolidation Point Boxes, Data Hub, Enclosure Base.